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Welcome to Money Matters! 

Money matters offers personal finance presentations throughout the Greater Toronto Area for kids, teens and adults.  We come to you!  Whether you're a school, an educational center, or a private entity. Money Matters is focused on the practical application of personal finance by covering topics including but not limited to:

Budgeting & savings plans



Building good credit history

The mortgage application process

And Much More!


Money Matters Saving and Investing Strategies Illustration

Ages 10-13

In this curriculum you will learn about budgeting, debit cards & credit cards, investing and much more! Learn how you can make sure you’re ready to manage your money responsibly from a young age! Because Money Matters!

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Ages 14-17

For this age group we focus learning everything you need to know about money before turning 18!


We’ll help make sure you’re ready to get your first credit card, open a tax-free savings account, budget as a student, and most important plan for the future! 

Money Matters Saving Money Illustration

Ages 18-29

The adult classes offer the opportunity to learn all about investing, building good credit history, and how mortgages work! 


This is our flagship course that has proven highly popular with organizations in our community that are looking to help their members enhance their personal finance knowledge.

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Did you know 100% of our program participants indicated that they learned something new from the Money Matters course? And that’s based on over 100 program participants! 


Join us for an upcoming Money Matters session to learn about how you can set your child/yourself up for financial success! 


We’ll debunk the biggest money misconceptions out there and help answer all your burning questions! Let’s raise a generation of financially literate young adults! 


Don’t see a session that works for you?


Send us an email on our Contact Us page to arrange a private group class for you and a group of friends and have the Money Matters Curriculum delivered in the comfort of your home!

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What Parents Think

"Money Matters is a great opportunity for your child to gain a sense of adulthood. I was so impressed when Patricia came home and asked if our fixed expenses were under 50% of our household income! Now that's the kind of budgeting we can all learn from."

Patricia's Mom (Patricia age 11)

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