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Money Matters

Our Story

Money Matters was originally launched in 2016 under the name “Money Works” as part of a youth programming initiative based out of the Schwartz Reisman community center located in Richmond Hill, Ontario. The program was met with an abundance of positive feedback from hundreds of participants from over the years. In fact, as you may have read, 100% of our program participants indicated that they learned something new from the Money Matters course! 


As the program grew in popularity, members of other neighbouring communities began reaching out to inquire about joining an upcoming session. Before we knew it, requests came flooding in for Money Matters to expand its program offering to include:


Classes for young adults

Guest speaking for schools, universities, and other group initiatives

Offering 1 day crash courses for company workshops in the GTA 


It became clear that the demand for youth financial literacy education in our community is very strong and as a result Money Matters was born! Our classes are taught virtually. We primarily cater to 3 age groups: 


Middle School Students (ages 10 - 13)

High School Students (ages 14 - 17)

Young Adults (ages 18 - 29)

About Money Matters

All of our classes aim to educate our students on the most important topics of personal finance and money management. Our goal is to make our participants feel confident about their financial futures by equipping them with the knowledge, tools, & resources to take ownership of their money and plan for a successful future! Check out the full curriculum under Our Programs (Ages 10-13, 14-17, and Young Adults) for a complete breakdown of the topics covered in each course. 


If you have any questions about our programs or other offerings including public speaking engagements & booking private at-home sessions, feel free to send us an email through the Contact Us page. 


Our sole purpose is to provide exciting financial literacy education to our fellow community members and we’re always open to discussing creative ways of going about our mission! 


We’re always happy to hear from you!

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