Are your programs offered online?

Yes, we are run ALL sessions online over ZOOM.

Do I need to have previous knowledge about finance?

No previous knowledge is required. That’s the beauty of the Level 1 courses - they are intended for beginners! Each class delves deeper into the content but we make sure everyone is following along before advancing to the next topic.

I have more than one child that I would like to enrol, does Money Matters offer a multi sibling discount?

At this time, Money Matters does not offer a multi sibling discount; however, if you have financial constraints that prevent you from registering your children for the program, we are happy to discuss on a one-on-one basis. Simply send us an email on our Contact Us page.

Do you offer package deals if I register for Level One and Two?

At this time, Money Matters does not offer package deals; however, if you have financial constraints that prevent you from registering for the level 2 program, we are happy to discuss on a one-on-one basis. Simply send us an email on our Contact Us page.

What if we can’t make it to one of the classes - is there an opportunity to attend a make up class?

We are unable to accommodate make up classes for each class. We encourage you to make sure the scheduled class dates and times work for you and your family before you sign up for the program. If something unexpected comes up and you do end up missing a class, you will still have a chance to learn the material missed during the last class. The last class of each session includes a review of all topics covered and you will therefore receive a recap of any missed content.

Is this program sponsored by any third party such as a financial institution? If so, are any products or services promoted to participants during the course?

Absolutely not. Money Matters is an independent entity, unaffiliated with any financial institutions, and we therefore do not promote any third party products or services to our students.

Is there any homework assigned or any other take away assignments that participants are expected to do outside of the course?

Generally not. Most of the course is based on the in-class experience. Sometimes students will be encouraged to come to class with an answer to an open-ended question but no formal homework assignments get assigned.

Can students receive a high school course credit for this class?

The Money Matters course is an extracurricular activity that is not accredited by Ontario School Boards. But trust us, the knowledge gained during the program will be worth more than a high school credit!

If I have two kids and I want them in the same class but they fall under different age categories, can I have the younger one join the older group or vice versa?

Generally speaking, we do encourage all participants to register for their age category; however, if extraneous factors prevent you from being able to enrol your kids in different classes, we can discuss a special arrangement on a case by case basis. Simply send us an email on our Contact Us page

Who teaches the classes?

All of our classes are taught by industry professionals who work in finance, banking, or accounting and hold relevant post-secondary education in the field.

Every MM instructor completes a Money Matters training program to ensure they are well versed in our content and our dynamic approach to teaching. All of our instructors are high energy, passionate, and skilled at making each class engaging, fun, and exciting!

The course content is standardized for each of our programs to ensure a consistent learning experience for all of our participants. Please see the Our Programs page for a complete breakdown of the curriculum.

Is it possible to arrange a class for my child’s school?

Money Matters does offer one day workshops for schools, youth organizations, and corporate workplaces. To book a one day class for your child’s school, simply have your school administrator email us on our Contact Us page

I would like to host a session (4 week program) at my house for a group of my friends’ kids. What are the requirements for this arrangement and is the price different?

Money Matters does offer private at-home classes for groups of friends and siblings. The requirement are:

There is enough space to sit everyone comfortably at a table

There is a minimum of 4 participants

The host is responsible for ensuring the age proximity of the participants. We don’t mind if not everyone falls within the same age group as private groups often include multiple sibling sets and due to the smaller nature of private groups, we can accommodate for a larger age gap but it is your responsibility to make sure the total age range is reasonable. We recommend no more than 5 years between the youngest and oldest participant.

Regarding the cost, a private-in person delivery of the course costs $120/participant for a full 4-week course with a minimum of 4 participants for locations within a 30 minute drive of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada (MM headquarters). If the location is outside of this boundary, alternative pricing will apply depending on the location and total number of participants joining the session. Please reach out to us regarding your private inquiries on our Contact Us page.

Is the content intended for Canadians?

Yes, our content is based on the Banking system in Canada! We cover many topics that are Canadian specific including government program such as RRSPs & TFSAs

If you have other questions that have not been addressed in the FAQ above, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we would be happy to assist you with any other inquiries that you may have.